Headshot of Christopher Whelpley

Christopher Whelpley

Assistant Professor
Term Faculty

Area: Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Snead Hall
  • 301 W. Main Street
  • Box 844000
  • Richmond, VA, 23284-4000


  • Chris has experience teaching strategy capstone courses at the undergraduate and graduate level. At VCU, Chris teaches MGMT 310 – Managing People in Organizational and MGMT 434 – Strategic Management. Bringing more than 12 years of industry experience into the classroom, Chris uses an applied method of teaching and attempts to prepare students to find and succeed in the employment they choose.

Dr. Christopher E. Whelpley rejoined VCU in 2020 after spending 3 years at the College of Charleston. Academically, Chris has concentrated on building management research that can facilitate the hiring and success of neurodiverse employees. To that end, his research has explored the experiences of employees with respect to neurodiversity in terms of employment practices and leadership experiences. His work has been published in numerous journals, including: Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Management, and the Journal of Business and Psychology.