Headshot of Jay Markiewicz

Jay Markiewicz

Assistant Professor
Term Faculty
Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

Area: Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Snead Hall
  • 301 W. Main Street
  • Box 844000
  • Richmond, VA, 23284-4000
  • Office: 4170
  • Alternate Website: linkedin/in/jaymarkiewicz


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Coaching


  • Jay believes 'learning' is the process to become more skilled - therefore, he aspires to create an inclusive and engaging classroom where students build their personal capacity to thrive in today's world.

Jay is a passionate and trusted advocate for unlocking individuals’ full potential and empowering them to achieve their goals across multiple aspects of work and life. Through his work as a coach, consultant, educator, and author, Jay has built a respected reputation in the fields of leadership and entrepreneurship. His expertise and guidance have helped numerous entrepreneurs, students, and leaders successfully navigate their “Entrepreneur’s Journey”.

As Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at VCU School of Business, Jay oversees internships and programming, teaches and mentors students and startups, and engages community partners to enhance the leadership capacity of both individuals and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. His pinnacle contribution in this role was spearheading a multicultural and multiorganizational academy developing entrepreneurial leaders in the Middle East and Africa. His novel “Entrepreneurs Journey” workshop and facilitation methodology continues to be used in the Henry Ford Entrepreneurship Academy in four continents and multiple languages.

Professional Positions

  • Founder and CEO, JTM Global LLC. (January, 2019-Present).
  • Special Correspondent, Richmond Times Dispatch. (October, 2018-May, 2020).
  • Founder, Inner Competitor. (August, 2012-January, 2019).
  • Founding Executive Director, LivingFit. (August, 2013-January, 2015).
  • Founder and Managing Partner, The Bounce Collective. (April, 2010-December, 2012).
  • Analytical and Operational Leader, Capital One. (December, 1999-May, 2011).
  • Assistant Professor of Naval Science, University of South Carolina. (May, 1997-December, 1999).
  • Lieutenant, Naval Nuclear Power Officer, US Navy. (January, 1993-December, 1999).