Headshot of Jose Cortina

Jose Cortina


Area: Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Snead Hall
  • 301 W. Main Street
  • Box 844000
  • Richmond, VA, 23284-4000
  • Office: B4117
  • Alternate Website: josecortina.com


  • Research Methods
  • Meta-Science
  • Big Data

Awards and Honors

  • AMR Best Paper Award, Academy of Management. (August, 2021).
  • ORM Award for Best Paper published in 2017. (August 13, 2018).


Published Intellectual Contributions
  • Tonidandel, S., King, E., Cortina, J. (2015). Big data at work: The data science revolution and organizational psychology. Routledge.
Book Chapter
  • Cortina, J. (2020). Explaining interaction effects: A commentary. In Research Methods in International Business. Springer.
  • King, E. B., Tonidandel, S., Cortina, J., Fink, A. A. (2016). Building understanding of the data science revolution and IO psychology. Routledge New York, NY.
Conference Proceeding
  • Serban, A., Sheng, Z., He, Y., Cortina, J., Yao, X. (2021). From Help to Helpful Help: A Social Network Examination of Antecedents and Outcomes of Helpfulness. Academy of Management Proceedings. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5465/AMBPP.2021.277
Journal Article
  • Cortina, J., Kohler, T., Keeler, K., Pugh, S. D. (2022). Situation strength as a basis for interactions in psychological models. (vol. 27, pp.212). Psychological Methods.
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