Headshot of Kelly Green

Kelly Green

Ph.D. Candidate

Area: Accounting

  • Snead Hall
  • 301 W. Main Street
  • Box 844000
  • Richmond, VA, 23284-4000


  • Intermediate Accounting 303
  • Behavioral Accounting, Managerial, Auditing, AIS

Throughout my career I have maintained a balance of theatrics, humility, and professionalism which landed myself in a Ph.D Candidate in accounting. My teaching philosophy is based largely on creating an atmosphere in which a famously arduous topic such as accounting can foster student engagement. Throughout my Ph.D. studies I have taken note from my professors that some level of eccentricity can go a long way to garner attention of students who are used to similar courses being for lack of better words, “rather boring”. To add to this, my previous experience in theater and various other performing arts wind up taking regular place, albeit tempered for the sake of professionalism. I have found that this approach quickly refreshes students to see that a subject expectedly droll as accounting, can suddenly become more interesting depending on delivery. I especially enjoy integrating my research into my teachings to adjust students interest in accounting studies.