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Naomi Boyd

Dean, School of Business

Area: Dean's Office

Area: Accounting

  • Snead Hall
  • 301 W. Main Street
  • Box 844000
  • Richmond, VA, 23284-4000
  • Office: B4181

Naomi E. Boyd, Ph.D.
Dean, VCU School of Business

Naomi E. Boyd, Ph.D., joined Virginia Commonwealth University in 2022 as the seventh dean of the VCU School of Business. With a background that spans academia, government and industry, Dr. Boyd is passionate about building programs that connect these worlds and create meaningful, synergistic relationships between them.

Dr. Boyd received her Ph.D. in Finance and Quantitative Methods from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Before beginning her university career full-time, she spent eight years in the finance industry as a Financial Analyst and Consultant to the Office of the Chief Economist at the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Washington D.C. At the CFTC, Dr. Boyd worked for the chief regulator of derivative markets on topics relating to market manipulation, structural shifts in the market, electronification of financial markets and the role of speculation in liquid and illiquid asset classes.

Prior to VCU, Dr. Boyd served as associate dean for innovation, outreach and engagement and as department chair of finance, professor and held the Fred T. Tattersall Chair of Finance in the John Chambers College of Business and Economics Department of Finance at West Virginia University. In her 13 years at WVU, Dr. Boyd developed the Center for Financial Literacy and Education, which houses programs in wealth management, banking and insurance; creates research opportunities for faculty; and supports community outreach. She also created the West Virginia University Student-Managed Investment Fund, which operates as an investment management firm and provides students with real experience as analysts and portfolio managers.

Dr. Boyd's extensive research involves the behavior of traders, the characterization of competitive market making, strategic and tactical asset allocation decisions, the integration of markets and market participants, price discovery and other issues relating to market microstructure, investments and personal financial planning. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Futures Markets, The Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Managerial Finance, the Journal of Commodity Markets and Journal of Applied Statistics, among others. Dr. Boyd currently serves as the associate editor of Financial Statistics; on the review board of the American Journal of Business; and on the editorial advisory boards of the Journal of Financial Regulation and Compliance and Managerial Finance.

The intersection of business and creativity is where Dr. Boyd thrives. A former professional ballerina with a B.F.A. in dance, she draws a number of unexpected similarities between the arts and business. In her role as dean at VCU, she seeks to harness her creative background and build the next generation of business leaders who are good corporate citizens, well versed in emerging technologies, with strong entrepreneurial roots.

Dr. Boyd received a B.F.A in dance from the University of Texas at Austin, a M.B.A in finance from Texas Tech University and a Ph.D. in finance and quantitative methods from The George Washington University.

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